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Lake Titicaca, Peru

Surrender to your senses in a remote experience lodge secluded on a private peninsula. Go beyond the ethereal landscapes, traditional communities and ancient ways. An enigmatic sense of peaceful solitude at nearly 4000 meters above sea level


Arequipa, Peru

Honouring its ecclesiastical history and age-old bond with Arequipa, CIRQA combines original sillar-stone architecture with contemporary influences creating a unique balance between the past and present. This eleven room former monastery blends world-class service with delectable cuisine, an innovative ode to the region’s gastronomic soul.


Lima, Peru

A quaint Peruvian-Tudor Casa situated in a quiet neighbourhood at a walking distance from the city’s chic hub. With only 6 rooms and a intimate atmosphere, the timeless aesthetic of this 1940’s renovated mansion is only matched by its charming interior and old-school service.

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